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Monday, April 8, 2013

My Second Home!

Welcome to my author's page!  This is new and I'm hoping you will visit often to get links to my books on Kindle and to check what else is happening.

The Best of Wrestling with Retirement is a collection of my favorite blog posts from the first three years of blogging.  It includes The Pleasure Hunt (My Search for the G-spot), My Public Restroom Rant (My unvarnished opinion of the inadequacies of most public johns), and other fun essays.  It can be seen and purchased at this link to Amazon.


Another of my books is The Bloggers' Fictionary, which is a collection of 250 word verification letter combinations to which I have assigned my own definition.  Some are funny, some are racy; feel free to incorporate them into your vocabulary.  Your friends and family will be impressed.  You're welcome! Get more info on this book, here!


Hospitalized and Heart-struck
Hospitalized and Heart-struck is another of my books.  This one is a novelette about a woman in her 70's whose bitter, divorced daughter moves back home, to the detriment of her mother's health.  While hospitalized, she finds herself developing feelings for a male heart-patient that could change her whole life.  Learn more about this book at this link on Amazon.


Welcome to Singles Night is my favorite work to date!  It's a novel about 3 single women in their 30s looking for love and excitement.  Country Connections (pictured above) Is the dance hall they frequent on Friday night (Singles Night).  More information and reviews of this book can be found by clicking on this link


The Summer Playground was THE college students'hangout in Lily's home town.  To work there scooping ice cream and rubbing elbows with the guys and girls from the campus on the edge of the city was every teen's dream.  It might even be the place to find love!

To learn more by peeking inside the book, click here.

And if you enjoy fun poetry, here's a collection of a few of my favorites:

Click here to check that one out!
I will add more books to this site as I get them written and published.  I have two more in the works right now!

Please remember if you purchase one of my books and read it, please add a review on the Amazon site, as it helps others to read your thoughts on the book, and just might increase sales for me!  I'd appreciate it!

Click here to read about some of my favorite reads:
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  1. Eva this is wonderful! Go you!!!

  2. Are you going to review other people's books, too?

    1. I hadn't thought about that...I have done reviews occasionally on WWR (my main blog). I'll have to decide whether I want to do those here.

  3. I like your page. It looks great with the black background!


    1. I take it, you're seeing the background as's actually deep blue. Glad you like it.

  4. Nice new page, I love the blue background, it's very soothing. I may have to look at "The Best Of Wrestling With Retirement", it would be quicker than going through your archives for the stories.

    1. I hope you do....I included only the ones I considered the best ones! It would save thumbing through the chaffe!

  5. woot...congrats eva...your new page looks great

  6. Hi Eva, thanks for the drop by! Doesn't this blogger template give you a nav bar option? I would start there. Shoot me an email if you need anymore help!

  7. I think this site is crisp and the rich blue is very professional and appealing. Like you, I'm not a computer wizard so I can't offer any practical suggestions, but I do like what I see.

  8. Looks nice, Eva! You go, girl! :)


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